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Episode Air Date - Thursday, Dec. 16, 2004 - 8:00 P.M.

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What would you do if you had $3,000.00 and 72 hours to accomplish your dream?  That was the question I was faced with.  My dream was to go to the Paris Friday Night Skate and do the "Serpentine" with a record number of skaters.  No, I have not yet edited the footage. No, I have not yet finished the story. But skaters, let me tell you, that was a roller coaster ride that we will have profound, lasting effect on me, my family, my look on life and of course, skating.
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On Tuesday, May 18, 2004, I had organized the local San Francisco Golden Gate Park skaters to take part what was supposed to be a photo shoot for a top German magazine. We were skating around, dancing and performing tricks, skating the serpentine and whatever the photographers asked when all of a sudden a car came blazing into the skaters' area with horns blowing and lights flashing.

At first we were all startled, but on the sides of the car was a logo for NOW - No Opportunity Wasted, a reality television show on the Discovery Channel. Out of the car comes Phil Keogan, the host of show "The Amazing Race". He walks up to me and says, "Are you David G.?" I said, "yeah". He said, "We've cleared your table, we've got airline tickets for you and your family to go to Paris France to break a record in the skating serpentine at Pari Roller, the Paris Friday Night Skate". 123.bmp (180056 bytes)
paristrip 1.bmp (324756 bytes) He said we need to leave right now, go pack and the plane was leaving SFO in 2 hours!!!!!

I promise to post an entire documentation as soon as I can. I am so behind on everything and the Napa Valley Inline Marathon is in one month. All I can say is what an absolutely fantastic experience my family and I was so fortunate to share with the Paris skaters.

Never in my 25 years of promoting this sport have I felt more appreciation for the work I have done in skating.

The cheers were thundering. The energy defies description, however, this was no skate vacation.

There were hard times, culture shock in the worst way, money woes and more. It wasn't until we finally got to the Friday Night Skate that we found any familiar faces.

You could see the word of our presence spread like a California wildfire!!!

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The entire trip was videotaped and documented with interviews and the whole schibang. It will air later this summer as a 30 minute episode of No Opportunity Wasted on the Discovery Channel worldwide, even in Paris!!!

Do you have a dream? Do you think you could go through what I did to make your ultimate dream come true? What would you do if you had $3,000.00 and 72 hours to accomplish that dream? Go to   and never stop dreaming. Those dreams may come true!!!

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